Industrialization and Health Effects

    Survival of Industry Is Important or Survival of Human Being


    With the start of this twentieth century many of us seen changes from orthodox society to modern civilization. This transformation is sudden and very quick with every new day you came to know that new things which are more easy and handy to do are introduced in the market. It looks mesmerizing or a fairy tale when we think about our childhood when only a few things for play and an open street to play with a lot of kids; now modernization changed the living habits of all of us, children used to play in their living rooms with a lot of electronic games. We used to do works day and night to earn more and more and the leisure time now becomes a dream of vacations.

    What Is The Impact Of Modernization On Our Health?

    We being so-called busy do not have much time to engage ourselves in some healthy activities like yoga, meditation or brisk walk, we were in an office work on computers on a daily basis in a closed room called an office. The ultimate effect is severe depression and a lot of chronic diseases. To achieve our goals, we are just ruining our health, and at the end when we reach almost 50 years we are ready to collapse at any time, this is the main reason that many of us died before the age of 50 years.  Our eating habits are also the main reason for these deaths we eat unhygienically and when got ill for speedy recovery quickly take antibiotics which can cause weakens our immune system. Let’s have a look at medication fact in this modern age

    Medication Facts

    Using medication in this modern age is a threatening cause of other diseases. If you can read the paper inside the medicine box you may know about that how much dangerous it can play with your health; you can come out of from one disease and will be a prey of some other. Many pharmacist and scientists declared that there is the major devastating impact of medication is causing on the human health, according to a statement medication prescribed by the doctors are the major cause of death after cancer and heart attack. In a modern world like U.S.A and UK, the use of medicines is very high the intake of the prescribed, and the non-prescribed drug is increasing with alarming percentage, and it is seen with great concern that the expectancy rate of life in UK slowdown since 2010.  In 2008 only 3 million people with the age bracket of 18 till 25 had been reported to the user of cough medicines which were none prescribed. The facts behind this why they preferred non-prescribed medicine is to avoid the time and hustle involved in the medical examination. The most of the people use the medicine by themselves because they used that medicine once they were caught with the cough, so they didn’t feel that they need a new prescription for the same disease and they took this by themselves without knowing its excessive usage side effects.

    Here we need to question our self what can we do to make life better and healthier and increase the efficiency and expectancy of life.

    Home Remedies

    Home remedies are the only way to get more expected life expectancy; all we need to do is to trace back the history of medication and their impact on health and life. The Ayurveda medication (like turmeric curcumin) was the most popular medication in the old history people from the forests get herbs and converted them into the medication. These natural herbs utilized as the medication for hundreds of years, the most popular ingredients which were used in the medications were some herbs, Turmeric Curcumin as a pain reliever and the mostly used clove, cardamom and some plants flowers as a medicine of the chronic disease. These herbs did not have any other side effects on the patient, and the life expectancy was much more than today’s life. 

    Is Survival of Industry More Important Than Survival of Human Being?

    It is so apparent now that the pharma industry is growing with a speed which earns $ billion profit every year. These giants don’t want to people come back towards the natural uses of herbs because it will be a great hit to their profits. This is the only reason that they have closed the mind of people and made it necessary to use them as a health saving drugs, they spend millions of dollars in the marketing of their medicines, and even doctors got involved as they offered foreign trips to them to prescribe their medicines. Now at this age, this is a money game, not a service industry.

    Some so many people will be against this because they must be the beneficiaries of this industry, but hold for a minute and think if you or your close relative will get affected by a disease what will you do? By knowing the side effects of the medication, you will prefer to go to the use of this medicine, or you will switch towards some natural remedies?  I am leaving this up to you to think and decide.

    What May Be The Next Step For Humanity?

    Now the problem is how to deal with this scenario? Is there anything which we can do for human and get our generations from out of this danger? Yes, we can play a positive role in human beings by raising this issue on each platform and by telling people the health benefits of natural ingredients. If someone is suffering from chronic pain, the usage of turmeric curcumin can do miracles rather than take some antibiotics and immune system for some other dangerous diseases which can be attacked on us due to side effects of that antibiotic.